• ​Russ Ewell is the founder HTG, E-Soccer, and Digital Scribbler Inc. His work focuses on using technology to overcome human limits.


    Russ Ewell has been focused on leading others throughout his career. He has built and operated multiple technology-focused companies, and he has brought people together to realize their potential.

    Today, Russ is focused on leading good. He believes that businesses should give back to the community and ensure that their work environment is conducive to employee development.


    When he was in high school, Russ developed his leadership abilities by giving his first speech. He was surprised by the reaction he received. After becoming a part of a Bible study group, he decided that he would focus on helping others through spirituality instead of politics.


    Although the concept of "leading good" is tied to his religious beliefs, it can be applied to every organization. It's important for businesses to foster a sense of purpose and inspire their employees to give back to the community.


    Russ' goal is to help companies improve the quality of their work environment and make a positive contribution to the community. He believes that a successful organization has a strong sense of community.


    A leader should have a variety of qualities, such as humility. Although he acknowledges that he had a hard time being humble as a young man, he has worked hard to improve his humility over the years. Another important trait that leaders should have is emotional intelligence.


    Having the necessary discipline and capacity to carry out their duties is also important to a leader. Although a person can have an idea of how a company should function, a true leader will be able to inspire others to follow their vision.


    Through his career in the technology industry and in the church, Russ has been able to develop a deeper understanding of how to lead others. He's excited to share his knowledge with others in the future.

    Russ Ewell

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